First check if you meet the requirements.

The installation procedure that you need to follow depends on the type of distribution that you have downloaded. You may identify the distribution type from the name of the downloaded compressed file.

Binary Files Package

( or cranks_XXX_binary.tar.gz)

This package unpacks to yield a folder "cranks", which contains the binary files necessary for running the program. The package contents are:

Installation is as simple as merely unpacking the compressed package, as it already contains pre-compiled files. Use any common unzip or tar utility to decompress the files and start working right away!

Source Files Package

( or cranks_XXX_source.tar.gz)

This package contains the source files which need to be compiled in order to produce the executable binaries. The package contents are:

The procedure for compiling the binaries from source files is:

  1. Unzip (or untar) the compressed package into a folder of your choice.
  2. Ensure that the bin folder in the Ant installation directory is on your PATH variable
  3. Ensure that the JAVA_HOME variable points to your JDK installation directory
  4. Use "ant <target-name>" to run any of the available targets. Eg: "ant compile" will compile the sources into the "build" folder; "ant jar" will compile the files and create the JAR executable in the "bin" folder; "ant release" will compile the files, build the JAR executable and will create in the "release" folder, the release packages similar to this package that you downloaded.