Based on the original idea by Prof. A. K. Mallik and Prof. S. Mukherjee of creating a toolbox for performing the operations necessary for the animation and kinematic synthesis of four-bar mechanisms, the CRANKS software began in the form of a term project taken up by Aravind Alwan under Prof. Mukherjee in 2004. Prior to the development of CRANKS, some work had already been done in the same field by Rajat Sanyal. Although his work does not share any code with CRANKS, we would like to acknowledge his contribution towards setting the algorithmic path for performing the animation of mechanisms and towards creating an interactive user interface.

In 2005, CRANKS was accepted for hosting as an open-source project on SourceForge. Akshat Gupta joined the team in June 2005 as Web designer and has single-handedly designed the official CRANKS website. Currently CRANKS is developed by us under the guidance of Prof. Mallik and Prof. Mukherjee. With their invaluable support, we have managed to place their brainchild on a platform where it is accessible for use and review by the scientific community. For this, we also thank SourceForge for the great service that they provide us and the open source community at large.


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In keeping with the true spirit of scientific knowledge, we have released CRANKS as open-source software, thanks to the great hosting facilities provided at SourceForge. If you are interested in joining the development team please see the Development section or contact Aravind Alwan by email.